Fight of Fury


Fight of Fury

Fight of Fury PosterFight of Fury is an action drama and crime thriller written by Shuny Bee and Del Weston and directed by Del Weston. The film stars some top martial arts talent including Shuny Bee, Kathy Long and Eric Lee. Others in the film include Sachiko IshidaLuke Henderson, LaQuita Cleare, Kerri Lyn and Magda Marcella.

Fight of Fury is a drama that raises awareness about human trafficking. It’s about one man’s quest to fight against evil for something real and meaningful, and about bonds between people that cannot be broken. It’s an action packed fight for survival with characters who never give up. Its a film that will keep film goers on the edge of their seats.

In Fight of Fury, a renowned martial artist uncovers a widespread sex trafficking network in his own backyard. With the help of a runaway victim he orchestrates a massive attack on the traffickers – by training their victims in the martial arts.

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