Final Impact (1992)

Final Impact (1991) is an action, drama, martial arts film that stars Jeff Langton, Kathleen Kinmont, Mimi Lesseos, Lorenzo Lamas and Michael Worth. Directed by Joseph Merhi, the entire film was shot in only 18 days.

In Final Impact (1991) Nick Taylor (Lorenzo Lamas) was once a kickboxing champion. After loosing a title fight to the brutal Jake Gerard (Jeff Langton), Nick loses the title, and his wife, Roxy (Mimi Lesseos), to Gerard. Nick begins to drinking and all he can do is reminisce about his past and the heavy loss he took. One day, a young upstart from Ohio named Danny Davis (Michael Worth) arrives on the scene and asks Nick to train him. Nick is not sure Danny has what it takes to become a winner, so Nick test Nick he takes him to a club with a kickboxing ring, hires a fellow kickboxer and tells the guy to fight Danny. Danny is able to defeat Nick’s fighter and the upstart, Danny, then tells Nick he’s invincible. The next day Nick fights Danny himself and proves Danny wrong, but goes on to train Danny anyway. Fighter and trainer bond and Nick begins to change back into the confident fighter he had once been, but life is never so simple and as Nick get Danny ready for a fight in Las Vegas, a meet up with Jake and Roxy, turns deadly.

Final Impact (1991) was released in the United States on February 7, 1992.