Accident Man (2018)

Accident Man (2018) British action thriller film directed by Jesse V. Johnson. The film is written by Scott Adkins and based on characters created by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner.

The film stars Scott AdkinsAshley GreeneRay StevensonMichael Jai White and Ray Park. with martial artists Amy Johnston

Accident Man (2018) was released on February 6, 2018 in the United States and on April 16, 2018 in the United Kingdom. The film was released to positive reviews, with critics praising the action and Adkins’ performance.

Tim Man is the Fight Choreographer for the film and Dan Styles is the stunt coordinator.

In Accident Man (2018), 15 years old Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins) is a bullied newspaper boy who witnesses a man planting a bomb. After watching and recording the assassins activities, Mike blackmails the man into showing him how to kill the leader of the gang that bullies him. Mike ends up becoming a tough hitman who makes his hits look like accidents or suicide. He is part of a gang of hitmen who each have their own style. When Mike’s  loved ex is killed, Mike looks for those responsible.