Craig HeimbichnerMartial artist Craig Heimbichner is a producer, screenwriter, actor and fight choreographer. He is a man of integrity, an award-winning author, and an award-winning musician as well as a very successful business man, a fantastic husband and the wonderful father of six children. Craig has been inducted into numerous martial arts Halls of Fame for every aspect of his martial arts.

Craig has produced commercials, directed by Art Camacho, for television and movie theaters with action superstars including Cynthia Rothrock.

As an actor, Craig recently performed multiple roles in The Chemist, a Camacho-directed action film starring Olivier Gruner. Craig was also a fight choreographer for The Chemist. Craig also appeared in The Martial Arts Kid with Cynthia Rothrock.  He is currently partnering with Art Camacho on a new film. The story was developed by Art Camacho, and the screenplay is written by Craig Heimbichner.

Craig starred in one of the most popular episodes of Decoded (2011). As Scott Rolle from the series said, “Craig was great to work with and helped make the “Grove” (Secret Societies episode on Season One) of the best and favorite episodes…”Penetrating Eyes

Craig is a poet and a writer who won a Silver Medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2012 for his blockbuster work Ritual America,  He studied creative writing at the University of Southern California by audition with the legendary T. C. Boyle, and he studied acting under Jack Rowe. He brings his writing and acting training, along with his decades of training in the martial arts, into his screen writing ventures.

Stéphanie Gérard, Art Camacho and Jane and Craig Heimbichner
Stéphanie Gérard, Art Camacho and Jane and Craig Heimbichner.

In June 2015, Craig Heimbichner was inducted into the Master’s Hall of Fame. In April 2015, Craig was inducted into the Munich Hall of Honors, as an Ambassador of the Martial Arts and Master of the Year. He was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2013, and later in 2014 as Chinese Martial Arts Master/Sifu of the Year and in 2015 he was honored with one of the highest honors and given the Pioneer Award. He was inducted into the Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame by world champion “Lady Dragon” Cynthia Rothrock with a Golden Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013 and Master of the Year in Tai Chi Chuan in 2014. The “Lady Dragon” hails Craig as a “top martial artist” and announced plans for upcoming projects with him at her 2013 seminar on Fight Choreography, and also at the Action Magazine Martial Arts Hall of Honors in 2015, where he was made an Ambassador to the Martial Arts and co-taught Cynthia’s seminar. Craig was recognized as a Sifu (Master) of the Martial Arts by the World Wide Martial Arts Council and made a Director of the Council. Craig was inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Canada in 2013 as Master of the Year, Wing Chun, and selected for Outstanding Achievement in the Martial Arts for the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2014. He is a sought-after instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu, having trained under various teachers and lastly under Grand Master Samuel Kwok. Craig is also a recognized expert in Tai Chi Chuan, having trained all aspects of the martial art for decades, learning from a direct student of the late Man-Ching Cheng.

Craig Heimbichner has exceptional training in the martial arts including the study of aikido under Sensei Dang Thong Tri, a direct student of the founder of the art. Craig was President of the University of Southern California Aikido Club in the 1980s. Craig has trained numerous weapons, Chinese and Japanese.

A televised pianist, Craig has been recognized in Who’s Who In Music Awards. Craig has appeared numerous times on radio shows, including on Insight in 2013 with Emmy Award-winning host Beth Ruyak. Craig’s skills have been dubbed “incredible” by Director Art Camacho, with whom he has partnered for production, screen writing and acting in the action thriller The Unforgiven, with plans for other projects to follow. Craig has been a successful CEO, an educator, and is President of Recurring Dream Productions. Finally, Craig is a columnist for the prestigious Official Karate Magazine.

Craig Heimbichner is known as one of the most honorable people in the martial arts community. His integrity is beyond reproach and his accomplishments show us what dedication is all about.

The Highest Warrior by Craig Heimbichner

The Highest Warrior

The moment of giving up strength,
the highest warrior appears:
Born from the dissolution of the ego,
Reborn in harmony with the opponent,
In a realm of mist
where the opponent vanishes,
with his every attack–
This last lesson cannot be purchased with
cheap training;
But by battlefield wounds
and the grinding pain
of those willing to rise
after defeat:
These warriors of awareness
are the fiercest:
Treading the path
to unassailable victory.
They have savored the marrow of defeat,
gained ultimate wisdom,
impenetrable conquest
through transcendence
of the root
of war
and its very taste.

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