Red Wolf (1995)

Hu meng wei long (1995)

Bobby Samuels and Kenny Ho on Red Wolf (1995)
Bobby Samuels H.K.S.A and former Jackie Chan Stuntteam member Kenny Ho on Yuen Woo Pings “RED WOLF”.

In Director Woo-Ping Yuen’s Red Wolf (1995) a group of terrorists murder the captain of a cruise ship and take everyone hostage. Their plan is to steal the uranium being stored in the ship’s safe. It’s up to a security officer (Kenny Hoand a pickpocketing cocktail waitress (Christy Chungto stop them.

Our own Bobby Samuels plays the drummer on the ship.

Director: Woo-Ping Yuen
Writer: Ricky Ng
Stars: Kenny Ho, Christy Chung, Elaine Lui

Wing Cho: martial arts director
Cheung-Yan Yuen: martial arts director
Woo-Ping Yuen: martial arts director