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In an age where superhero movies have become highly popular, at least one major issue continues to pop up often regarding the lack of minority leading roles in such films. There are several that have been making headway for some time now, including R.L. Scott‘s upcoming sci-fi action thriller, The Almighty Street Team and Scott F. Evans‘ inspired superhero web series, C.V. Nation. Of course, you have the previous successes of actress Halle Berry as Catwomanand recurring X-Men film franchise character, Storm, and actors Wesley Snipes and Michael Jai White as Blade and Spawn, respectively, in addition to Marvel’s development of Black Pantherand actor Leehom Wang‘s upcoming role as Annihilator, as well as actor Shemar Moore’s own hopes to take on a live action rendition of DC property, Cyborg. Still, some people passionately feel that there is major momentum to change the way superheroes are commonly perceived in big budget movies, urging the necessity for minority leading actors and actresses to become a mainstay in the bustling superhero movie genre, which also brings us to the latest efforts for Black Salt.

Comic book creator and producer Owen Ratliff has already spent a number of years and money putting forth his energy and time into this new project, an original character which he expresses his hopes to make superhero movie history by bringing exciting Kung Fu action to further ornament a hero that he feels can bring real world social value. And to top it all off, Ratliff is bringing some martial arts cinema star power to hardcore fans who regularly follow the genre on all levels, including Ben Ramsey, the director of the Michael Jai White 2009 action vehicle, Blood And Bone, and its currently developing sequel. Also on the list are martial arts action superstar James Lew who carries an amazing body of work over the course of well over three decades in TV and film, actress and stuntman Michelle Lee whose most recent notable appearance came in the second season of Kevin Tancharoen’s highly acclaimed webseries, Mortal Kombat Legacy, and actor and veteran stunt performer and coordinator Arnold Chon, whose resume also includes Blood And Bone among a list of prominent TV shows and Hollywood action movies, in addition to the upcoming January release of boxing prequel drama, The Bronx Bull which bows this January.

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