Bruce Fontaine

In 1988 Bruce Fontaine moved to Hong Kong to begin a career in the film industry. He worked in more than twenty five action films as a action character actor and a stunt performer in the first three years he was there. Bruce was also one of the only Westerners in Hong Kong to become an action choreographer and stunt coordinator during this time. One of his most noteworthy films was Jackie Chan‘s ‘Operation Condor’. While in Hong Kong, Bruce worked with action stars, pop stars and famous directors including Sammo Hung, Hark Tsui, Woo-ping Yuen, Lau Dak Wah, Alan Tam, Lai Ming, Jackie Cheung, Stephen Chow Sing Chi and more.

Bruce Fontaine has written for film and martial arts magazines and has worked as a color commentator for ESPN’s 1997 broadcast of the World Wushu Kung Fu Championships and as an MC and public speaker. He has been the subject of numerous television, magazine and radio show interviews in Canada, the US and in Hong Kong. Bruce has also produced numerous instructional videos on martial arts, and health and fitness related topics. He has worked in numerous North American productions shot in Vancouver including Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles and The Crow television series, and I Robot and Pay Check. He was brought in by stunt coordinator Scott Ateah to train actors Frankie Muniz (Malcolm of Macolm in the Middle) and Angie Harmon, and then choreographed their fight scenes. Bruce was both stunt double and sword fight choreographer on the zombie movie House of the Dead. He also choreographed the Crouching Tiger inspired episode of the Smallville television series.

Bruce Fontaine has worked both as a stunt performer and a stunt coordinator for numerous motion capture shoots for Electronic Arts in titles such as ‘Ultima Online’, ‘Marvel Nemsis (aka: Clash of the Superheroes 1 & 2)’, ‘Repo Man’, ‘Fight Night – Nex Gen’, ‘FIFA Street Soccer’, ‘FIFA Basketball’, ‘Def Jam’, ‘Bond 007 – From Russia with Love’ .

Since setting up West Coast Chinese Martial Arts in 1996, Bruce has trained many top competitive and recreational Wushu athletes and a multitude of stunt performers looking to increase their skills with Modern Wushu and Bruce’s brand of Hong Kong style film fighting. Bruce has trained many stunt performers and actors including Franciose Yip, Byron Mann, Frankie Muniz, Angie Harmon, Nia Pepples, Steve McMichael, Don Lew, Kirk Caouette, Leanne Buchanan, Angela Uyeda, Lori Stewart, Sean Beaton, Brian Ho, Ray Chan, Nick Baric, and more.

Bruce Fontaine, along with long time friend and business partner, Joel Wasel, produced and directed Rapid Fire Women’s Self Defense, a television series for Access TV which is aired throughout Canada.