The first-ever Mafia Kung-fu Action Comedy, Made in Chinatown (2019) began filming locally on June 29, 2018 in New York and Philadelphia locations. The star-studded film features “fan favorite’s” Tony Sirico, Vincent Pastore, Tony Ray Rossi, Artie Pasquale, Al Sapienza, and Paul Borghese of The Sopranos fame, Goodfellas Tony Darrow and Joseph D’Onofrio.

Made In Chinatown Cast
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Also in the film is acting legend Raymond J. Barry known for his work in Gotham, Ray Donovan, The 100, and feature films Walk Hard and Falling Down, and stand-up comedians Jeff “Fast Rat Bastard” Pirrami and Goumba Johnny Sialiano. They join Kung-fu film legends Meng Lo (Ip Man 2, Hard Boiler, Five Venoms), Jang Lee Hwang, known as the “Lord of the Super-kickers” (Drunken Master, Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow).

Emmy award winning American martial arts actor and choreographer James Lew, known for over 80 on-screen film and television including Marvel’s Luke Cage, Big Trouble in Little China, Rush Hour, and Traffic is not only in the film, but is the Action Choreographer and the Co-Director with Robert Samuels.

Special guests will include Maureen Van Zandt (Sopranos, Lilyhammer) and Karen Tsen Lee (House of Cards, Law and Order: SVU).

Philadelphia-based Executive Producer and writer Mark V. Wiley spun a hilarious tale in Made in Chinatown (2019). It is the story of a Chinese guy trying to join the Mob to get “some respect” and earn the love of an Italian girl. The problem is, he puts his family and friends in danger and starts an all-out war between the Italian Mob and the Chinese Triad, which forces him to go undercover to impersonate the Don. Can you say Fuhgeddaboudit?

Everyone is “kung-fu fighting” and “whacking” the competition to be part of this unique feature produced by Tambuli Media in association with R4 Films and Nine East Productions. Made in Chinatown merges many genres, and though very funny it is deeply touching in parts and augmented with action-packed fight scenes and hilarious sight gags.

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New ‘Made in Chinatown’ mob movie is filming in Philly