Bruce Lee Writings come to Cinemax in Warrior (2019)

Jonathan Tropper, Bruce Lee and Justin Lin bring us the TV Series Warrior (2019) on Cinemax.
Jonathan Tropper, Bruce Lee and Justin Lin bring us the TV Series Warrior (2019) on Cinemax.

Co-Creator of Banshee, Jonathan Tropper, and Justin Lin, Director of Fast & Furious, have a new television series called Warrior (2019). The series has been a long time in coming and is based on the writings of Bruce Lee. We will see the 10 episode series on Cinemax sometime in 2019.

The series began filming in South Africa in October 2018.

Justin Lin is not new to the Bruce Lee story as he directed a comedy called Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee (2007) that chronicles studio executives search for Bruce Lee’s replacement so they could complete the Game of Death (1978).

Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, CEO of Bruce Lee Enterprises, is executive producing the seriesalong with Jonathan Tropper via his Tropper Ink Productions banner, and Justin Lin and Danielle Woodrow from Perfect Storm Entertainment.

Warrior (2019) TV Series on Cinemax

Warrior (2019) is set against the backdrop of San Francisco’s Chinatown in the aftermath of the Civil War (late 1800s), and tells the story of a young martial arts prodigy named Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji) newly arrived from China, who finds himself caught up in the bloody Chinatown Tong wars.

“I’ve always admired Bruce Lee for his trailblazing efforts opening doors for Asians in entertainment and beyond,” Justin Lin said in a statement. “So I was intrigued when [executive producer] Danielle [Woodrow] told me about the urban legend of his never-produced idea for a TV show and suggested we bring it to life. Then, when Shannon [Lee] shared with us her father’s writings – rich with Lee’s unique philosophies on life, and through a point of view rarely depicted on screen – Danielle and I knew that [Lin’s production company] Perfect Storm had to make it.”

Andrew Koji

UK actor Andrew Koji stars in the television series. His extensive TV and film acting and stunt credits include Muay Thai flick, Fighting Beat, (2017), Justin Lin’s Furious 6, and he is the voice of Hien in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. He also starred in the martial arts short Deep Pan Fury (2016) where he played Katashi Kimoto, a young Japanese street fighter trying to change his ways but after leaving his native Japan for a small English town, Katashi soon learns that Oni, a ruthless chinpira of the notorious 9th Shade Clan, has been extorting his Grandfathers struggling pizza shop. Old habits die-hard and Katashi finds himself fighting for a new cause. Family honor.

Also starring in the series will be Jason Tobin, Andrew Koji, Olivia Cheng, Kieran Bew, Dianne Doan, Dean S. Jagger, Langley Kirkwood, Rich Ting, Joanna Vanderham, Tom Weston-Jones, Hoon Lee as Wang Chao, Joe Taslim,  Christian McKay, Perry Yung, Arthur Falko and Dustin Nguyen.